Home Revisions Staging assists you in presenting a delightful first impression that will insure your property will get top dollar and reduce the time it is on the market.




Cindy Heiman, owner of Home ReVisions has been staging in Fairfield County since 1999. She's also known as a Realtor's and homeowner's "secret weapon" when preparing a house for sale.


Staging for SELLING

Home Staging is professionally preparing homes for sale, so that they appeal to the most amount of buyers and generate the highest price in the least amount of time on market. Staged Homes traditionally present themselves better than the competition by being fresh, clutter-free, and ready to show to prospective buyers.


Staging for LIVING

Interior Redesign, or Staging for Living is the art of utilizing the art and furnishings you already have and reconfiguring it to create a new and vibrant living space. This service is for someone who does not want to move but is just looking for a new look, someone who wants to enjoy their home again, or just needs a change and wants some fresh ideas.

“You transformed the place, making it a joy to show. The comments of the other Realtors are a testament to your talent.”